Just another day

Am I trying enough? 

Do I even care anymore?

Of course I care but do I care like I used to?

Am I still in love?

Is he still in love with me?

When’s the last time we had sex?

Why do I always wanna sleep instead of have sex?

Things are so different in a long, dedicated relationship than they are when you aren’t really settled down. I find myself asking myself these questions often lately. All of our conversations are about our kids or what’s for dinner. We have the ocasional how was your day, but that conversation last a few seconds. We get so caught up with parenting, bills, house hold chores and just life that we forget to always invest time into our relationship. I keep telling myself we have to work on that, but when? He goes in early and gets off late. By the time we get our toddler down we’re also ready to pass out. It’s just going to get harder next month when I start working again. I will be working from home, but that won’t make it any easier. I just wish there was more I could do to remind him we’re more than just parents together. 



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