Just another Thursday afternoon

Driving a half hour to and from a place with a two-year old isn’t always fun. I was dreading the drive but I had to turn in the last of my paperwork for this new job.

She woke up and said she didn’t feel good today, but she says that all the time even when she’s perfectly fine. So I thought nothing of it, we packed a few juices and fruit snacks then headed out. Car ride there was great. She was quiet and in a great mood. Only there ten minutes then headed home. She was a little whiney but that’s not unusual.

About three minutes from home at a red light she starts vomiting. Red vomit EVERYWHERE. I hurry home and get her out of her car seat. She’s covered in it, along with my back seats and my new purse. Again, IT’S RED!

I rarely ever buy anything for myself. I was so happy when I was surprised with a Michael Kors purse for my birthday. I’ve wanted one forever but never have the extra money for a purse. Now looking at my new tan purse and my off white/tan seats in my car covered in RED vomit.

She’s now feeling better. She took a bath and you’d never know she got sick. Her energy levels are sooo high. While I feel like a can barely keep my eyes open. Oh the joys of motherhood.

P.S. I think my purse might have come clean! Her dad can deal with scrubbing the car tomorrow!




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