Home is where mom always is

I’ve stated previously that I was starting a new job from the privacy of my own home. I absolutely love working at home, most days not getting out of pajamas or fighting my two year old to take off her nightgown and put on real pants. There is a downfall in all of it though, I NEVER GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! I work from home, I parent from home, I cook from home, I even sleep here. I’m starting to feel trapped. I get out of the house for about 5 minutes each day to drop my daughter off and pick her back up after work. That’s it, unless we have something to do like grocery shopping or buying pull-ups.

I loved my house when we first moved here almost a year ago, but now I’m sick of it. I nitpick everything. I hate the carpet, the cabinets are ugly and what is with these counter tops?! I’d love a new bath tub or just a whole new bathroom. Each room could use a better paint color. I need a new screen door, my back deck also needs fixed. I think I’m just spending too much time here to appreciate the good about it. It’s so spacious, I love the island in the kitchen. The bedrooms upstairs are huge and the half bath is such a great extra. I have so much storage and a wonderful garage. Laundry is located in the back room which can be closed at any time so nobody sees the laundry piled up (even though I’m always home, laundry is still never done).

Whenever I do leave the house (which is not often) I have my two-year old. Nothing screams fun like telling a toddler no every other minute while they’re asking for something else. I did join a gym where I swore I’d go five days a week. Today I turned off my alarms, rolled over and went back to bed. I love being at the gym once I’m there. No kids, out of the house and no nagging fiancé driving me crazy. Just the waking up at 530 am is the hard part.

I guess I’m just missing the days where I always had something to do. Visiting friends, shopping, seeing movies and even just going to grab a bite to eat. I can’t complain too much about my life, but having more of a social out of the house life would be nice.



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